Hello again, We're Closing Copy 😊

If you’ve clicked on this page, you’re probably wondering “Who are these guys? Are they any good? Can they help me?” To be honest, we’re still trying to figure these things out, but here are some things we do know…

  • We’ve generated over $4.72 million in sales for our clients
  • Our copywriting has impacted over 93 different industries
  • We often turn $1 into $3

Our small group of results-driven copywriters have been handpicked from a pool of over 142. So, you’re rest assured to be in good hands with us…

Together we’ve written just about anything you can imagine; dry cleaner websites, restaurant flyers, mobile game copy, real estate brochures, toy video sales letters, book sales pages, course advertisements, and much much more…

Each of our copywriters have their own specialities. You can check out their profiles here. Go ahead, ask them for a free quote!

So, How Does It Work?

Say goodbye to countless hours of sorting through hundreds of bids for your job. We’ve already done the tedious screening for you and assembled a team of the top copywriters!

Finding the perfect copywriter for your business is as easy as 1, 2, and 3…

  1. Browse our team of copywriters and to see who best fits your project. We have:
    • B2C copywriting expert
    • Persuasive copywriting pro
    • Sales Funnels and Facebook Ads expert
    • Direct response copywriting wiz
    • Storytelling genius and voice over artist
  2. Choose your copywriter and ask for a quote – they will get 100% of their pay. So, you won’t be overcharged to account for any such 20% ‘platform fee…
  3. If everything checks out and you’re a great fit, they’ll draw up a contract and you’re off!

If you don’t already have your own, we have partnerships with some terrific web developers (WordPress, Wix, SquareSpace, and more), graphic designers, voice over artists, and click funnels experts. We get our copywriting clients 20% discounts on these services!

Finally, you can also pay a small add-on of $50 to get another member of our team to review your finalized copy. Two brains are better than one, right?

Meet The Team

Jason Yang

CEO, Founder of Closing Copy

B2C copywriting expert who uses emotional response marketing (ERM) to create long lasting, profitable relationships with your clients…

Waqas Khan

All-Round Copywriting Wiz

Seasoned, experienced copywriter who’s single-handedly responsible for impacting countless industries…

Jimmy Slonina

Stroytelling Genius

Creative copywriting that will happily convert readers into paying customers. Engaging an audience has been Jimmy’s life’s work…

Rafael Meneses

Founder of InkRibbonWriting

Persuasive copywriting pro who uses his background in psychology to deliver weaponized copywriting that converts…

Sam Haycock

Sales Funnels Expert

Facebook ad and ClickFunnels expert who ‘s supercharged copywriting will hook your audience from beginning to end…