Your website converts like crazy. Your landing page works like magic. Now you’re looking for more traffic. Not just any type of traffic – you want targeted traffic and qualified prospects. So, you try your luck with pay-per-click advertisements…

You invest heavily and get some clients. The ads aren’t profitable, and you don’t break even. You think to yourself ‘There must be a better way.’ Good news, there is. The best marketing channel was under your nose the whole time – your email list…

Email marketing builds relationships, boosts brand awareness, generates leads, markets your products, nurtures leads, and gets you the highest ROI. What’s not to love?

Anyways, if you’re too busy to write your own emails, or want a copywriter to write them, that’s what I do. I use emotional response marketing techniques and persuasive copywriting along with personal headlines to help you create email sequences that sell like crazy!

How does it work?

Thousands of people will receive your email sequences. Thousands of people will read my words. Your email sequences are as important to me as they are to you. That’s why I don’t throw together half-arsed emails from some generic template…

Your email sequences will be tailored to your business, made to match your customers’ voices, and echo your vision. After all, you want this investment to be your last, and never worry about your email sequences again!

Because of the care I put into crafting killer email sequences, the typical sequence will take me 1-2 weeks. But depending on my calendar you may get the option to pay for an ‘express package’ which delivers within the week…

Without further ado, here’s what you can expect when we work together

Step 1: Review

To kick things off, I’ll check out your current email sequences. This will be for me to get a general idea of the tone of voice your customers have come to expect. If you could send me over some of the emails you want improved, or your welcome email sequence, that would be perfect!

Step 2: Consultation

Then we’ll schedule a free non-obligatory 15-minute consultation to answer any questions you may have. Heads up, I’ll also ask you a few questions to better understand what you’re looking for. If we’re a match, I’ll send you a contract…

Step 3: Questionnaire

Once we’ve decided to move forward, you’ll receive an in-depth questionnaire. The questions are designed to give me a better understanding of your business from your perspective…

Step 4: Customer Research

Then I’ll have to better understand your business from your customers’ perspective. To really resonate and speak like them, I’ll scour the internet. I’ll join Facebook groups, sign up to your competitors’ email lists, check Reddit threads, and read through Quora answers. Our email copy will sound almost as if it was written by a customer. This works wonders!

Step 5: First Draft

After all my research, I’ll get writing. My first draft will include the email sequence you’ve requested along with 3 email subject lines for each email. In the future if you want to do some A/B testing, these will come in super handy!

Step 6: Revisions

I’m here to get you results and am committed to maintaining my 100% client satisfaction record. So, I offer unlimited revisions for an entire month after submitting the first draft. This way, you won’t be under any time pressure to check the copy. If we find that any one of the emails in your sequence is underperforming, I’ll tweak it till it shines!

"Wow, that's a lot, how much does it cost?"

I’m committed to you and your goals. I’ll treat your business as my own. If I don’t perform, we both fail and that’s not good for business. 

No risk. I have a Money Back Guarantee. If I don’t deliver the results we agree on, I’ll refund your money. Period.

Anyways, your investment in your new web copy depends on:

  • The value I can provide you
  • The number of web pages
  • The type of email sequence needed

Below are the approximate fees…

After a prospect opts into your mailing list, you’ll want to welcome them and then show them that you are the solution to their needs. This sequence nurtures your prospect to click through to your landing page and buy from you.

  • 15-minute consultation (free)
  • Detailed questionnaire
  • Customer and competitor analysis
  • Copy for:
    • Thank you for signing up email
    • Introduction emails x2
    • Providing value emails x3
    • Don’t miss out emails x2
  • Unlimited revisions within 30 days of the first draft

Your investment: €500

You may also need some additional custom email sequences to make sure your customers are well taken care of. Such sequences could be the welcoming, abandoned cart, event signup, and purchase follow up sequences.

  • 15-minute consultation (free)
  • Detailed questionnaire
  • Customer and competitor analysis
  • Copy for 5 emails in one such sequence
  • Unlimited revisions within 30 days of the first draft

Your investment: €100

Every Day You Wait Is A Day You Waste

Start utilizing your most profitable marketing channel today.

Some Common Questions

Absolutely! The best investments are made with ease and confidence so if that looks like splitting our package into payments, I’m more than happy to accommodate you. I require a 50% deposit to secure your project in my calendar and the last 50% after all of the files are delivered.

The typical project will last 1-2 months. We will be working together. Please make sure to schedule some time in your calendar before our project starts to complete your questionnaire.

Each and every one of your emails will be tailored to your business and your voice. So your emails will have my undivided attention. As a result, I  take on at most 4-5 email copywriting clients per month. When they’re gone, they’re gone!

Request Email Sequences

Woo, it’s great to see you’re interested! I’d love to help you transform your emails into your most profitable marketing stream!

Here’s a pretty awful looking contact form that personally delivers your message to me.  I typically respond within 48 hours.

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