Copywriting With A Theatrical Flair

Engaging an audience has been Jimmy’s life’s work!
As a multi-disciplinary, award-winning performer for over 30 years, he has
honed his skill for capturing an audience’s attention and delivering a
clear message.
He has performed for crowds big and small all over the world, in a wide
range of styles — comedy and drama, circus and subtle, grand and intimate.
This gives him a unique perspective on what motivates the viewer, and it
reflects in his creative copywriting successes, converting readers into
paying customers.
When Jimmy is not performing, he has been integral helping various
businesses succeed in their marketing goals.
Here’s what Jimmy says in his own words…


Jimmy Slonina

Copywriting with Theatrical Flair

Motivating an audience into action is what I do.
It starts with listening.

I’ve spent more than half of my life listening to audiences from various stages all over the world as a performer. I listen to their reactions. Do they laugh? Are they focused? If they don’t react the way I want them to, I make changes and tweaks to my performance and try again the next night, hopefully to better results.

And not all audiences are the same! An audience in Berlin, Germany will react differently to the same performance done in Las Vegas. It takes experience, focused attention, and some armchair psychology.

How does all this factor into powerful copywriting? I’ve taken what I’ve learned interacting with crowds and applied it to the page, attracting potential clients and customers and eliciting positive reactions. Just like on the stage, there has been trial and error. And after 10+ years as a copywriter and marketer, I know what to listen for and what works!

I would look forward to bringing my skills to help raise the curtain to your business’ success.

Please feel free to shoot me an email anytime to get started!

Just a few of my Successes...

Skin City Logo
Wrist And Style Logo
Clear Ambition Logo
  • Skin City Body Painting
  • LionHeart Artworks
  • Wrist & Style
  • Clear Ambition
  • Health Pass
  • Mercury Response
  • Defiant Theatre
  • A Man Wakes Up – Short Film
  • The Circus Jerks
  • Coupons A Go-Go
  • Vega Vegas
  • YouToo America

Some Glowing Reviews...

Jimmy was very responsive and knew exactly what I needed. His work on my landing page turned out great, I was very impressed with the outcome. Would highly recommend.
John B.
Wrist & Style
Jimmy’s writing style is incredibly effective in grabbing the reader’s attention and communicating our business’ goals and values in a concise and engaging way. The success of our business is in no small part thanks to Jimmy’s website copy.
Ross G.
Skin City Body Painting
Jimmy’s work is great! I like the way he put together the pieces of my new website’s landing page. It was exactly the right approach.
Craig P.
Clear Ambition

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