Psychology Backed Copywriting

Looking for an all-round copywriting genius? Here’s Rafael!

His background in psychology and business/marketing, combined with his
creative acumen and experience give him unmatched skills when it comes to delivering weaponized copywriting that converts.

To top things off, Rafael truly understands the process that drives the human desire to buy. 

Anyways, we’ll pass you over to Rafael…

Rafael Meneses -

Rafael Meneses

Psychology Backed Copywriting

I’ve spent my entire career motivating the unmotivated.

Persuading the obstinate.

Working in mental health with folks so determined to stick with the deadly-familiar. Until it literally kills them.

Working in academia, helping undecided adults who’d rather stay undecided than make a big life decision.

Now, I do what I do best because of my 7+ years of flexing the persuasive muscles most people don’t even know exist.

I’m Rafael Meneses, Creative Director of InkRibbon Writing, a copywriting agency with a concept-based copywriting approach.

You probably haven’t heard of the agency yet. But after a 1,322% (that’s not a typo) growth in just one year, I’d really like to say I can pin it with the “up and coming” badge.

So, after helping nearly 700 insanely happy customers, I’m looking to keep that momentum going.

Always looking for a new, friendly hello in my inbox. Send me an email and let’s chat!

Just a few of my Successes...

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles mobile game
  • Ace Global Solutions
  • Best Version of Yourself (BVOY)
  • Elda Silva Studio and Academy
  • Sunday Morning Hero
  • Swisswatchers
  • The University of Kentucky
  • Black Rock Healthcare
  • Claim Automated
  • Individual Coldwell Banker Real Estate Agent
  • DMDS Managed
  • Pear Tree Homecare
  • Westbourne College

Some Glowing Reviews...

I didn't even need a revision how amazing is that. Not my first time working with Rafael’s team. They finished early too. I think it was due Sunday and they finished on Thursday. If you're like me- cheap and hesitant to pay someone to write something in your native language- rest assured, they are better at this than you are and it will be worth your money.
Pear Tree Homecare
Sometimes when you're close to the fire it's hard to put ideas into words and what Rafel did with our project is digested it down into simple to understand ideas. It's easy to write pages and pages about yourself but when you're looking for copy that kills we would highly recommend taking Rafael’ team for a spin.
Our copywriting project called for very specific guidelines and Rafael’s team met all the guidelines while providing exceptionally creative copy. Rafael also completed the project ahead of schedule and provided clear communications throughout the project. I highly recommend Rafael to anyone looking for quality copy in a timely manner.
TMNT Mobile App Marketing
The best experience you can have with a copywriter and I have worked with at least a dozen. His copy is even better. Highly recommended!
The Tribe Accelerator
Well worth my money, Rafael gave me an excellent analysis of what I was doing wrong in my proposals, I can't wait to put his suggestions to work using the proposal template he created for me.
Marko Skarica
He was great to work with and I recommend highly. Also he can take feedback and is very intent on making the customer satisfied. He doesn't have a huge ego that gets offended just very talented with what he does.
Hunter Method

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