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Sam is our in house sales funnels expert. He’s also a real pro when it comes to Facebook Ads…

His copywriting supercharges your sales by hooking your audience from the 1st sentence to the irresistible call to action at the end!

Let Sam take care of the copy and target all your audiences pain points whilst you sit back and watch the sales pour in…

Want to find out more? Here’s what Sam has to say…

Sam Haycock ClosingCopy

Sam Haycock

Sales Funnels Expert

How Do You Sell Snowshoes To A Camel? My Highly Persuasive Sales Funnel Copy Will Do Just That.

I just want you to take a minute out of your super busy day and imagine this…

You have a killer Sales Funnel that has conversion rates beyond your wildest dreams and your landing page makes people stop (just like you’re doing right now) to TAKE ACTION AND BUY your product or service.  


  • Your Sales Funnel is not performing.
  • You’re spending all your money on paid ads at the top of the funnel, but customers are dropping off at the bottom of the funnel (this is where the SALE is made!)
  • Your Lead Magnet is skyrocketing sign-ups to your webinar but when you ask your audience to purchase, they run off into the hills and are never seen again.

Well, you’ve come to the right place: Big Virtual High-Five!

Based on years of experience and spending thousands on learning from the best mentors out there I have mastered how to provide powerful, sales-inducing copy that differentiates you from competitors and helps seek out positive ROI on your campaigns.

I can help you by refining a specific stage in your sales funnel or reinvigorate your entire sales funnel through using platforms, such as clickfunnels.

Let’s put an end to loss-making campaigns and get the ball rolling today. Fill out the contact form below and let’s chat!

Just a few of my Successes...

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The Trends Lab - Closing Copy Copywriting
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Some Glowing Reviews...

For sure one of the best ads I’ve ever read and really can’t wait to test them! Sam was very professional and delivered in time. Really recommend! Keep up the good work.
Sam understands the world of sales funnels. He provided us with extremely valuable insights into how we can grow the business through a well thought out funnel. Not only did he enable us to achieve our goal to donate 10% of profits to Saving Sea Turtles but he did this without any revisions required!
Cute Scute
This wasn’t my first time working with Sam and it definitely will not be my last! He significantly increased newsletter signups, engaged our audience through amazing copy, and more importantly boosted our sales. In my eyes he is the go-to guy for anything sales funnel related! Highly recommended.
The Trends Lab

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